This is a personal invitation for you to permanently let go of your sense of grief and loss and dive into your New beginning.

What are you waiting for?


This is a personal invitation for you to permanently let go of your sense of grief and loss and dive into your New beginning.

What are you waiting for?


Contact me today for a free no-obligation consultation so that we can explore how we may work together towards your freedom and empowerment.

I offer single one on one sessions or packages of 3 or 10 sessions. Sessions are of 90 minutes each.

When you book your free consultation, we will together discuss your requirements to see which option works best for you.

Sessions are possible in person (if residing in Malta, Europe) or over Zoom.

For those who book in person you will get a free acupuncture meridian assessment with Acudoctor. I am also putting in a FREE brainwave assessment with the Muse2 monitor, so that you can see how your brain is getting rewired, in real time!

I also offer group tapping sessions and free workshops upon request. Have a look at my workshop delivered in Struga, North Macedonia in May this year.

What can I expect out of sessions?


  • A safe space where to express yourself;
  • A professional who will gently guide you towards releasing unwanted emotional blocks in a non-invasive and painless way;
  • A professional who will gently guide you to release unwanted limiting beliefs, updating these to empowering beliefs;
  • Access to a wide range of Energy Psychology Techniques, tailor-made to your specific needs;
  • A range of exercises to do on your own, as a daily practice and to help you overcome challenging situations;
  • Freeing yourself from your sense of loss and insecurity, paving the way for you to create the life YOU want;
  • Fast, deep and lasting results, empowering you to make the changes you want in your life and go beyond anything you thought was possible.

Interested in working together?

I’d love to chat, click on the button below to book your complimentary session.

Angie’s method is both on a mental and physical level, and allows to reach the new balanced state of mind and discover, form and work out a fear or negative experience and transform it in a new one which is balanced or even positive. It is simple and effective. It reaches both conscious and subconscious. Would recommend to try and see if it fits you.


Graduate in Diplomacy, Energy Techniques Researcher, Russia

Hi Angie! Thank you so much for the fantastic experience on Saturday. I feel so much relaxed and calm thinking about my past. You have a talent to work with people and I wish you all the luck in your journey. Don’t give up and continue doing what you are!

Tatiana Aramtanova

Marketing Consultant, Russia

I must admit I found almost immediate relief in the practice which helps put certain things into perspective. I do feel I would need more than one session for a long-lasting effect. I do however feel empowered by having been given a tool I can use anytime, anywhere.

Angelique Muller

Freelance Screenwriter, France


Closes Accordian

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I found a lot of free material online. Can I just get the same results with those?

You are encouraged to use the free material I may recommend to you, or material you may come across yourself. Experience shows that while these may provide some temporary relief, in order to experience permanent change it is recommended to work with a practitioner. I will hold a safe space where you can express yourself freely, without judgement, and I am trained by one of the world’s leading institutions to guide you towards the root causes of your problem and recommend appropriate energy psychology practices which are tailor made for you.

I already work with a psychologist because the cost is covered from my insurance. It seems that it’s taking a long time and I still feel anxious and stressed. What can I do?

You can continue working with your psychologist, however your anxiety and stress are related to the impulsive responses in your body connected with a perceived threat. Using EP in addition to traditional psychology has been proven to boost results, by coupling traumatic events with permanent energy releases. EP has also been proven to prevent re-traumatization.

I practice Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Yoga. Will working with EP conflict with these practices? I don’t want to overdo it.

Doing work on yourself is the best gift, and it’s never enough. The only risk is increasing stress instead of reducing it if you cram more things in your schedule than your time allows. The difference between what you mention and EP is that EP couples healing together with the root causes of your problem, thus having the potential to heal permanently. Your intuition shows you the next leg of your journey, just listen to it and you will be fine. It is also important to have rest periods to integrate your healing, and to complement your healing with hydration and a healthy diet.

What if I get a panic attack in between one session and another with you?

After each session we will evaluate your progress, and I will give you some simple exercises which you can safely do on your own. These exercises give the best results when you are triggered, so I encourage you to do that. If you get stuck or overwhelmed please reach out, my services include free access to email support during sessions.

Could I become overly dependent on these sessions?

This depends where you are at on your journey. As a professional practitioner, I am bound by ethical practices. If you experience such feelings, please share these with me and I will make sure to guide you appropriately. I will give you the tools you need in order to feel good on your own. Remember that I do not heal you, I offer you the space and guidance you need to access your own inner power. Once this happens, there is nothing you will be dependent on.

Are there any side effects to using Energy Psychology?

Contrary to Western Medicine, scientific studies carried out in the form of random controlled trials have revealed zero side effects to Energy Psychology whatsoever.

What will it cost me?

I invested quite a lot in my personal work and practitioner training, way in the thousands of euros over the years. Considering where I am now, this investment was worth every cent. I encourage clients to take session packages of 3 or 10 sessions, in order to allow time to delve in the deeper work. Another advantage of Session packages is that they come at a discount. All in all, it won’t cost you more than 1 meal a day, for tools and benefits which will last you a lifetime.

Can I use EP if I have a chronic illness?

Studies show that EP has been very effective on chronic illnesses, such as auto-immune disorders and joint pain. It also works on food cravings and weight loss. I and many others have benefitted from this even as a side result, without specifically working on the illness itself.

How long does it take to see results?

This is not a quick fix as promised in many other programmes, and it depends upon the nature of the issues we will be working upon. Some clients experience major transformations in 3 sessions, for others it may take months or years. The benefit is that with each session you feel better and coping becomes easier, and it improves over time, encouraging you to carry on. You can stop or take breaks at any time, and still reap the benefits.

What is EP effective on?

Studies show that EP works incredibly well on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), Trauma, chronic illnesses, stress, anxiety and mild depression. Additional care in addition to EP may be needed in cases of severe depression and severe illnesses. Part of my role as an ethical practitioner is to refer you with your permission to a medical health provider in cases where I deem is required. Your wellbeing is always my top priority.

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