You may be wondering what this means, or maybe not, depending upon whether you were disciplined and dedicated enough to follow my blog. Anyway, last week I was incredibly honored to realise my dream of participating in the EFT professional workshop in Paris, which was indeed the experience of a lifetime. This workshop will contribute towards my certification in Energy Psychology, whereby I intend to become an Energy Psychology practitioner!

First of all, what is EFT?

Don’t worry, I have a policy of always explaining acronyms 🙂 EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a technique where you feel an emotion, really get in touch with it, locate it in your body, describe it, and give it a number. Then, you tap on the various acupressure points on your body to release the emotional charge attached to a current, past or future situation in your life. The good news is, it’s simple, and it can be used for ANYTHING, including physical pain and weight loss! If you are new to tapping, you may find a video on how to get started, including some applied examples, here.

First impressions of the workshop

As I walked in the room, I heard a lot of French chatter, which reminded me that I really needed to brush up on my French. It was rusty on the first day, but by the second day the lingo was flowing (also thanks to the tapping)! Then the man himself walked in, Dawson Church. I had heard so much about Dawson during the past 4 years EFT has been in my life, through interviews on the Tapping Solution and on my coach’s podcast Sebastiaan Van Der Schrier from Social Anxiety Solutions. Standing before us was this very tall man with a laugh which echoed and echoed and echoed (how does he do it)? Next to him stood a very talented French Interpreter from the French hosts Quantum Way.

To give you an idea, here is a picture showing how tall Dawson really is! Not only, in spite of the constant workshops he delivers and the incredible amount of people he meets everyday, he is always present with each and every person and expresses their individuality. His hug is loving and genuine, each and every time. I don’t know how he does it! The personalised message for me is in the picture at the top…ahhhh!

Above (from left): Smiles all round! Trainer Rebecca from Hamburg, Germany, Moi from Malta, Dawson and his beloved wife Cristina from Santa Rosa, California.

The workshop consisted of a number of presentations, demonstrations of different applications of EFT and we also got to practice on each other, whereby one was the coach, the other the client and then we switch roles. Apart from EFT, Dawson gave us an insight on other energy techniques, such as the eco-meditation, techniques to safeguard our energy field and techniques to bring our right and left brains in synch.

Some cases we worked on

I could go on and explain how EFT works, but I think that you would be more interested in the results.

Some instances which really touched my heart were:

  1. A woman with a craving for champagne. Turns out that her husband is ill and wants to euthanize himself, and her mother always told her that “champagne cures everything”. She cannot change her situation however Dawson led her from a place of despair to a place of calm and acceptance, a place where she can value the relationships in her life, take care of herself and do the things she enjoys.
  2. A girl who I smiled to but did not smile back. At that point my judgmental self kicked in, thinking “Oh, that’s rude”, or “Did I do something wrong?” After working with her she described a situation where her Dad left home and she had to wait for him for four hours to be able to spend time with him. She developed a belief that she needs to wait in order to spend quality time with a loved one. We quickly turned that around in order for her to be open to the idea that she is worth waiting for instead.
  3. My case with a memory of a rude salesgirl from the time I lived in Brussels. Turns out that I was still affected by the fact that my choices were not being respected, and this episode was linked to an earlier memory of when my mum dropped a bottle of water and blamed us for it because we make her nervous. Clearing that gave me so much freedom! Or how about a memory whereby I was made fun of in school and was betrayed by my best friend? All that is now cleared!
  4. A girl who could not stand to see herself in a dress because she believes she is too fat. This was tied to a memory of when she accidentally put nail polish in her eye and was rushed to the hospital and the doctor could not believe that she could not see properly. She developed the belief that something was wrong with her. That cleared, she stood up and said confidently “I am strong”!
  5. A woman with physical pain in her foot which was slaving her for years. This was linked to a feeling of nausea during an event she did not want to go to. It was identified by chasing the pain and linking it to specific emotions and events. That cleared, the pain in her foot is gone for good!

This are just examples of what EFT can do. It helped me and, bit by bit, gave me a freedom and access to possibilities in life which are beyond my wildest dreams. EFT also has benefits to the practitioner as well as observers too, through the phenomenon called “borrowed benefits”.

By clearing what is standing in the way, we reveal the natural potential and joy which lies in all of us. As Louise Hay says “In order to clean your house, you have to see the dirt”. Try it, all is possible!

This is just the first part of my experience in Paris; the second will be about the 2nd Energy Psychology Conference. So much knowledge, so many revelations, so much love, so much hope….stay tuned!