Sorry all, I haven’t been blogging in a while, but needed some time out to reflect on myself and what I want, as well as where I want to go with this blog. Well the good news is……now I know! More on that later….

I felt compelled today to write about anxiety, what it is and the effects on a person’s quality of life. I also want to demonstrate that Anxiety is NOT some monster in the closet, NOTHING TO BE AFRAID OF, actually it is just a normal mechanism of our system which is designed to keep us safe! WHAT????? YES!!!! So, let’s dig in…

What is Anxiety?

The human body is a perfect machine. It’s genes, cells, hormones, organs, work in perfect harmony with the brain to keep us alive and well, to keep us healthy, and above all to keep us safe. Our system has been inherited by our ancestors, who lived in the wild and constantly needed to defend themselves from predators, such as a lion, or a tiger. When the brain perceives danger, the blood flows away from the organs to the limbs, making the chest constrict and the digestive system stop, thus focusing on defending itself. This is what is typically called the Fight, Flight, Freeze response. We nowadays live in a society where these threats are rarely present, however, if we have learned especially through early childhood experiences that certain experiences are not safe, we carry this learning to adulthood, and perceive danger which in reality is not there. And this, my friends, is what we know as Anxiety.

Example, let’s say that you were bullied by a blond girl on the school bus when you were 12. At the age of 40, you could get anxious every time you see a blond woman. Second example, you could have had an overly critical dad, which made you a perfectionist when you grew up, meaning that you get anxious when you are not perfect. Simple right? Anxiety is a result of thoughts, which transform into beliefs about being unsafe….and these beliefs can be changed.

Okay got it, but how do I get rid of this damn anxiety?

The anxiety in some people gets more severe than others because of two reasons:

  1. Different people had different life experiences
  2. Different people have different levels of sensitivity

Both are OK, and it doesn’t matter really, since anxiety in these two cases can be treated in the exact same ways. We all know about traditional therapy, but an emerging field is that of Energy Psychology. It has been scientifically proven, and I have recently learned that there are a whole lot of peer-reviewed journals on the subject, that all childhood experiences are imprinted in the mind and body through an emotional tag. Thus, the emotional charge from a traumatic childhood experience can resurface every time something appears in your life which reminds you of that experience. What energy psychology does is revisit these experiences and through gentle and non-invasive energy techniques remove the emotional charge attached to them, therefore retaining the memory with a neutral charge. The result – no more anxiety related to that experience! The great part is that such techniques are so simple that they can be practiced with a practitioner….or even on your own!

Energy psychology then extends to install positive beliefs in your conscious mind, thus giving you a sense of safety, wellbeing and joy, and openness to be the best version of yourself and live an awesome life!

Since the mind and body are one system, energy psychology has also been proven to relieve physical pain as well, as some types of physical pain have an emotional component! Unbelievable eh? This explains why certain dis-eases of the body keep returning, such as back pain, frequent colds, infections, despite taking the right medications at the right time.

Effects of a mental makeover

For you skeptics out there, I want to demonstrate how energy psychology has literally transformed my life, which makes me so passionate about it! I am presenting this in the form of a mental makeover, whereby my improvement was so evident that it showed in my external appearance as well! Have a look…..

May 2007 – Age 31

October 2017 – Age 41

BEFORE – May 2007, Age 31, Weight 75 kgs.   AFTER – October 2017, Age 41, Weight 72 kgs.

Want more evidence? Here it is….

BEFORE – July 2012, Age 36, 79 kgs.    AFTER – January 2018, Age 42, 71 kgs.

WITHOUT dieting, WITHOUT any other form of makeover, WITHOUT getting anything ‘done’, WITHOUT makeup! Just plain me, nothing more, nothing less…

Can you believe this is the same person?

Old me – Anxious, tense, forced smile, overweight, tired, ZERO social life

New me – Joyful, energetic, free, bright skin tone, fit and slim, AMAZING social life!

ALL THIS – just through coaching with energy healing techniques!


I want to point out that I still care for myself through the right diet and exercise, because I LOVE MYSELF! I ENJOY exercising, without any stress about it. I could go for a walk, I could join my weekly PILATES class, I do my morning routine, without stress! I eat more during the day while staying light in the evenings, without feeling deprived from anything!

Which is why – the next step in my life is to train myself to become a life coach. I have this urge to free people from their anxiety and live life to their fullest potential! My life is simply amazing now, each and every single day, and my knowledge, love and wisdom and hence my life keeps growing and expanding every single day.

I am already certified in a healing technique called PSYCH-K and I have just enrolled in a training program to become an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with EFT Universe. This means that I won’t be blogging regularly, however please do contact me if you would like to know more. In the next few months I will be required to conduct some practice sessions therefore I will be reaching out to find volunteers. Watch this space!