Hi all, I am super excited to create my very first blog post! So, New Year, new blog, to be honest I wanted to wait to start this blog, I just wanted it to be good enough, I wanted it to be perfect. Then when years go by, you find that perfection doesn’t really exist, and that nobody really does do things perfectly, at least not at first! I have seen famous bloggers and vloggers who started with very basic stuff, which then improved exponentially over the years. Lesson learnt? Don’t be afraid to try something new. Most probably you will mess up, most probably I am messing up big time, but like a child learning how to walk you fall once, twice, three times, until the day comes when you run free!

So as I mentioned in my introduction, I absolutely love travel. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to become a travel blogger of the sorts, after an AMAZING month trip in SE Asia, where I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Thailand and Indonesia, I realised that long term travel isn’t really me, so I will leave it to the experts! Actually I like having a base somewhere, while having the freedom to travel when I want, where I want. Think this dream is too fancy? Look at the growing number of people who are already doing that!

Also, I worked on making each and every day spectacular, and it worked, but then when I got back to Malta (my home country and where I am currently living), the constant high I was experiencing every day went down to a few low days. This is totally normal, considering the rule that all energies must balance. That’s another story. Point is, real strength lies in enjoying and savouring each and every moment, no matter how dull and yucky it may seem! If you do this, then your joyful self shines through with a stable happiness that nothing can shatter, and does not depend upon anything from the outside. There are different ways to move towards this state. What works for me varies over time, as I love to experiment with different techniques, currently my fave ones are gratitude practices, meditation and listening to music. If you are enthusiastic and adventurous like me, starting a new project you are passionate about, such as creating this blog, works great too!

So, hope this was helpful, feel free to leave your comments and suggestions, I would love to hear from you! In the meantime, new year, new travel, new projects, new people to meet!