An important relationship breakup can shake up your entire existence.


There is an overwhelm of emotions caused by your recent loss

and the step you need to take into the unknown.



An important relationship breakup can shake up your entire existence.

There is an overwhelm of emotions caused by your recent loss

and the step you need to take into the unknown.

Are you over 35, your relationship has ended or is ending, and feel that the sense of security you once knew is crumbling?

Do your friends and family keep telling you, “Good you took action, just move on now”, but you can’t help but feel stuck?

Are you finding it so overwhelming to even think about starting a new life, and have no idea what it will be like?

I get you. I have been there. I moved from living in a rocky marriage featured with a lot of emotional abuse, severe social anxiety, depression, being overweight, having health issues, and a 7 year-long infertility journey to letting go of what was no longer in my highest good, feeling lighter, healthier, happier, empowered and enthusiastic.

I have a beautiful supportive circle of friends, I became a scuba divemaster, I travelled to the other side of the world, and I am now the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy.

Your life is shaken up by your recent breakup.

You lost the sense of security within your family, wondering whether it was even real to begin with. You question yourself and your worth.

You can’t help but feel stuck.

You feel overwhelmed by life, not knowing the next step to take.

You sit at home feeling frustrated, sad and drained of energy. Often you feel sick and wonder why the same illnesses keep showing up over and over again. You wonder whether being happy and fulfilled is possible for you, or maybe it is just for other people. You wonder whether you will ever be able to trust again. You feel like you have given up on love and relationships. Everybody, including your ex and your kids, seem to be managing better off than you. You feel powerless. You can’t help the way you feel, and hope that someone will say something nice so that you feel a little better, just for a little while, but actually the whole world is against you, nobody gets you. You live in fear about what might happen next and hope that someone will come and save you. You feel under threat, and you have never felt so alone.

Dealing with the loss of a relationship is hard, it really and truly shakes up your life.


An overwhelm of emotions come up, including sadness, fear, anxiety, anger and helplessness, leaving you feeling stuck. However, what you need to know is that there are solutions out there. By working through these emotions with the right tools used in the right way, this major transition in your life may be an opportunity for immense growth, leading you towards the beautiful and fulfilling life you deserve. Not only is all of this achievable in a safe and painless way, but you will be given the tools to apply on yourself between sessions, so that the healing will carry on.

Making the decision to work on yourself is not about blaming yourself, or reinforcing the belief that you are flawed, actually its’ quite the opposite. You are loving yourself by taking responsibility for caring for yourself and reclaiming your true power. When you reclaim your power you feel energised, happy, in control, transformed from being a victim towards being the creator of your life. Yes, this state is available for you, if you are willing to do the work.


I am here to help you achieve this.

Why me? Because I have been where you are, I have gotten out, I have grown and expanded, and I am now certified in helping others through the application of these tools. The tools I refer to fall under the umbrella of Energy Psychology.

What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology (or EP), consists an array of energy techniques marrying Western Psychology with Eastern Energy Psychology. The major component is Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT tapping, involving tapping on several acupressure points in the body while recalling an emotion or traumatic event. Thousands all over the world have used EFT to heal emotions, trauma, to get rid of unwanted limiting beliefs, and to heal physical ailments such as fibromyalgia and cancer.


And don’t take my word for it, there are tons of scientific studies which show how Energy Psychology works on stress and anxiety. Studies have been carried out at gold level standards of research, meaning that the research was carried out in the exact same way as that used in drug development, by adopting Randomised Controlled Trials (RCT). This paved the way for EP, particularly EFT, which is a major component of EP, to be officially recognised by the American Psychology Association (APA) as an efficacious treatment for phobias, anxiety, depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). A full list of these studies and results may be found here.

  • A woman was in a marriage with a narcissistic husband for many years. In court separation proceedings, she had to face her husband, husband’s family and elderly son testifying against her. She feels compelled to speak in public to share her story and inspire others, but she feels blocked when she imagines herself speaking in front of a group of more than one person. After just 3 sessions of EP she can now speak in front of a group of 10 people and has devised a strategy to speak in front of a group of 20 people and more.
  • A woman is married for 35 years with 3 grown children to a husband she has grown afraid of. She feels that she has no control over him or her family, and lives in constant fear. After a few months of EP sessions focused on releasing the root causes of her fear, she is now in a place where she left the family home, confronted her husband in a loving way, has lovingly ended the toxic relationship, preserved the relationship with her children and is looking forward to a new life focused around putting her happiness first.

What if You could:

  • Free yourself permanently from the emotional blocks which are keeping you stuck, and move from a place of limitation and fear to a place of openness and choice, plus gain access to a power you would have never imagined
  • Love, accept and fully be your authentic self, anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, making socialising feel safer and easier
  • Get in the driver’s seat of your life, manifesting what you want in 3 easy steps, feeling complete and abundant, all the time
  • Move from scrolling through your friends’ posts and pictures, dreaming about what an incredible life they have, to having your own profile filled with amazing experiences which make your heart lift
  • Sleep peacefully all night through without a hint of worry and fear, waking up each morning feeling rested and refreshed, jumping out of bed looking forward to start the day
  • See setbacks as lessons to be learned, challenges to overcome, growth experiences plus making room for something better to come along
  • Take new leaps with curiosity and enthusiasm, feeling even more comfortable than staying in your “comfort zone”
  • Feel safe and secure to go with the flow of life, realising beyond what you ever thought was possible

With me you will learn:

  • Why who you were in the past does not determine who you could be in the future
  • The truth about the effect your “internal state” has on your daily life
  • That statements like “I keep attracting people who do not respect me” are just beliefs which can be changed
  • What is happening inside your body when you are stressed, and why it can be deactivated like a switch
  • What science is revealing about the effects of meditation and energy techniques, mainly ‘tapping’ on the brain and your vital organs
  • The top 3 simple techniques you can use anytime, anywhere to still your mind, feeling calm, relaxed, grounded, present and focused within minutes, leaving you with the clarity for making the best decisions
  • The Secret to reaching your goals effortlessly and effectively, unlocking the key to confidence, abundance and fulfilment in your life

Remember, a major relationship breakup can be the most powerful and rewarding journey of your life.

New beginnings is NOT for you if:


  • You blame your situation on what is out there, not willing to take responsibility for yourself
  • You choose to complain and attract pity
  • You spend your days dreaming that one day someone will “save you” from your undesired situation
  • You are looking for a temporary quick fix solution
  • You are not ready to commit 30 minutes a day for yourself and gain lasting results
  • You believe that you need to adapt to others in exchange of being liked
  • You are fine with settling with life as it is, without exploring your maximum potential

New beginnings IS for you if:


  • You are ready to bounce back after your relationship breakup, taking action towards creating a new, better and amazing life
  • You want to feel confident and safe within yourself
  • You are committed towards permanently changing your life style with feeling good as your motivator
  • You want to access the power to identify the relationships which are right for you and have an active role in directing them towards a basis of health, love and respect
  • You are committed to invest at least 30 minutes a day, practicing the simple techniques and exercises I will give to you
  • You accept that every journey has its ups and downs, and that success is gained over time with commitment
  • You don’t want to rely on medication to feel good

You are now at a crossroad, a crossroad which will be the journey for the rest of your life.


You can either:

  • Do nothing and remain lost, fearful, insecure and helpless, with the constant struggle to cope the best you can.
  • Or, Go through the long path of spending money on different relaxation techniques, which make you feel better for a while, with the familiar negative feelings only to return soon afterwards.
  • Or, You could go on researching for free stuff online which is not tailor made for you and trying out different things, hoping that something will work for you.

Or, you could make the choice to join a strong group of people who have bounced back and taken action to change their lives forever by working with me.

You will get:

  • A safe space where to express yourself and to be listened to, without any blame or judgement;
  • A professional who will help you identify the triggers and blocks which are keeping you stuck, and gently guide you towards safely releasing them in a non-invasive and painless way;
  • A professional who will gently guide you to release unwanted limiting beliefs, updating these to empowering beliefs;
  • Access to a wide range of Energy Psychology Techniques, tailor made to your specific needs;
  • A range of exercises to do on your own, as a daily practice and to help you overcome challenging situations;
  • Freeing yourself from your sense of loss and insecurity, paving the way for you to create the life YOU want;
  • Fast, deep and lasting results, empowering you to make the changes you want in your life and go beyond anything you thought was possible.

Book your totally free, no-obligation consultation today by going to my online calendar.

The chat takes only 45 minutes and maybe done over Zoom.

P.S.  This is your chance to unblock yourself from your sense of loss and insecurity after a major relationship breakup, paving the way to a life beyond whatever you thought was possible. Just scroll up, leave your name, email and preferred slot to book your FREE consultation with me. I will introduce you to the world of Energy Psychology, explain the science behind EFT and present studies on its transformative effects on people. We will explore together what Energy Psychology can do for you.

Working with Angie was very enriching, she made me feel at ease immediately. Her gentle, caring ways made it very easy for me to open up and release my thoughts and fears. She empathised fully and made me feel that I was more than just a client. She does her work with a passion and was very encouraging, she helped me release my anxiety and handled it in a very professional yet humane manner. I found the tapping very calming, I also benefited greatly with the empty chair method, I must say I would highly recommend Angie’s coaching, I felt much better and I carried her positivity with me…I can still hear her words “you have a lot to offer”. I needed to hear those words as sometimes I forget my own self-worth. Thank you Angie and keep up the great work, you were amazing!

Mariella Caruana

Mother, Malta

I must thank you too I did feel better and hope to keep on working on it to improve. Of course I still need more of your convincing coaching, your patience and genuine empathy makes you fully trustworthy and I have total faith in your coaching which is so important. It’s not just something you do as a job but I believe and have faith in your outreach to genuinely help me.

Marianne Portelli

Office Administrator, Malta

Angie Mifsud is a skilled practitioner of Energy Psychology. Working with her I moved away from my belief that I had somehow screwed up to realize my potential. Working with Angie gave me the drive to continue my business and market to new customers so I can help those who need my services thrive. Angie is skilled at digging into the underlying beliefs that hold you back from living your best life now. Thank you, Angie!

Michael Messmer

Energy Psychology Practitioner, USA

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